Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

We have all been in positions where talking in front of people has made us feel extremely uncomfortable. This is because of the childhood traumas that are associated with us and we feel intimidated and uncomfortable. You may find many hacks on the internet that will help you overcome this fear but this article comprises all the tried and tested tips and tricks that will help you to overcome this fear.

Whenever people are asked what’s stopping them from public speaking, they will tell you they do not like multiple eyes on them which is basically a valid concern. To get rid of this fear, it is extremely important that you stop being extremely self-conscious of yourself. You should know and remind yourself frequently of the fact that everyone around you is bound to make mistakes and so are you. This means that if you can give others the chance to make mistakes so can you allow yourself to make these mistakes. Surprisingly, public speaking is not a recent fear. In the prehistoric era, people were scared of being eaten alive so they used to fear the idea of anyone looking out for them. Our brains have still not gotten over the fear of being watched out and that fear has been replicated in our minds.

Many people try to figure out the fear and one of the major ways is to spread kindness around yourself. When you know that the person is scared of public speaking, tell him that he is loved. Even if you sometimes perform poorly, you will still be able to achieve so much from this life. Another very surprising, yet very successful way is to make eye contact. People who are nervous while speaking tend to take an overview which forces them to form no connection with the audience.