Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistan was listed by Forbes as the top destination for tourism in 2020. From the Arabian Sea in Karachi to the royal Mughal Forts in Lahore to the serene mountainous landscapes in Gilgit, Pakistan is jam-packed with tourist destinations. In addition to the tourism aspect, what is also special about Pakistan is its scrumptious cuisines. These cuisines are a must-try if you consider yourself a foodie and ever get to visit this country. However, your trip to Pakistan might not come sooner than expected so in this article we discuss some of the best dishes from Pakistan and how to make them at home.

Getty Images / Moment / Veena Nair

Starting off is what the people of Pakistan consider their national dish – Biryani. It is arguably one of the most famous dishes, not only in Pakistan but in other countries as well. It is a rice dish that can be made using chicken or mutton, a few spices, some yogurt, and rice of course. First, the chicken curry is made using Biryani masala (which can be store-bought) and is used to marinate the chicken. You can also substitute chicken with mutton. Next, we parboil the rice. Finally, we bring all of them together for the final steam (‘dum’). The final step is done by layering half of the rice, then all of the chicken, and then the remaining rice. We steam them on low heat to allow the flavors to meld.

Another renowned dish is Chicken Karahi. Karahi gets its name from the pan in which it was first cooked. The meat was traditionally cooked and stir-fried in this karahi over an open fire. The rich, tomatoey foundation of chicken karahi is distinguished by a fragrant finish of green chili peppers, cilantro, and slivers of ginger. A delicious dessert that comes under Pakistani cuisine is Carrot Halwa. Freshly grated carrots, full-fat milk, sugar, and ghee are simmered to make it. This sweet treat is lightly scented with cardamom powder and topped with chopped nuts which looks absolutely mouthwatering.