Pasta Dishes For The Perfect Dinner

Is there any time of day we long for more than dinnertime? Probably not. After a long day at the office, all we really want to do is kick up our feet and dig into a nice hearty meal. And there is perhaps no better dish to dig into than a bowl of creamy, savory pasta. Here are some of our favorite pasta dishes that are guaranteed to leave you longing for more.

Cheese Ravioli

Getty Images/Angela Lourenco/RooM

Ravioli is truly a genius invention. It’s as if someone took the already perfect invention of pasta and thought, “What would happen if we turned these into perfect little pockets and stuffed them with cheese?” The result is the no-fail cheese ravioli we all know and love. Try stuffing yours with sage ricotta and sprinkling with parmesan for a sophisticated take on this unassuming dish.