People of Walmart

Mankind celebrates itself on diversity, openness, and other unique qualities. And more often than not, the most diverse individuals can be found at Walmart. From people with questionable tattoos to dairy aisle weddings, there is not much that you can’t find at Walmart. For your viewing pleasure, enjoy.


Strapped In



Okay, let’s break this look down from the bottom to the top: bra, tank top, belt, underwear. Yup, she’s got it covered.


Feeling Free



Let it all out, man. In our modern times, people are all about acceptance. And that is an amazing thing. But maybe in public, keep the pants on.


This Is Disgusting



We have no words. This woman needs to get herself to a nail salon as fast as she can possibly walk (which probably isn’t all that fast due to her insanely long toenails).





Any parent knows how hard it can be to bring children on errand runs. They constantly need attention and always find themselves in the strangest of places. Exhibit a.