People Prove You Can Put Anything On Pizza

Pizza has proved time and again that it is the best food ever. It is hands down the best food on Earth. It’s perfect for literally any occasion any time of day. It’s great for late nights when you need to just pick something up fast, studying, break-ups- everything. But sometimes people take pizza too far, to a place no pizza should go.


Cookie Pizza



Two of the most delicious meals on the planet together? Someone call the dietician because we need to be stopped.


Peep Pizza



Peeps are the sweetest marshmallow candy creations that make you feel kind of guilty for eating a cute little chick. This pizza, though, is certainly guilt-free.


Triple Decker



Is that pizza topped with mini pizzas, topped with pizza bagels, topped with pizza rolls? Why, yes. Yes, it is. 


Banana Gum Pizza



Have you ever wondered what could be worse than pineapple pizza? The answer: banana pizza with chewing gum.