People Tweet Their Childhood Fears Which Seem Way Less Scary Now

We all have our own unique fears. It’s normal and a part of the human condition. However, the things we’re scared of today are not the same things we were scared of when we were kids. Children are afraid of some pretty crazy things, but we’ve all been there and remember what it’s like. Here are some tweets of people sharing their childhood fears, which seem way less scary today.


When you watch too many dinosaur movies



Who else watched The Land Before Time movies way too many times? No one, just us? Cool, cool. Seriously though, these movies and other kids’ movies had us convinced that quicksand would have a legit presence in our lives, and we had totally prepared ourselves to overcome the unique challenges posed by quicksand. But apparently, we’ve been duped.


Who else doesn’t miss childhood?



Ahh, running up the stairs so that the demon slash robber slash kidnapper doesn’t catch you. Classic childhood memories! If there’s anyone who didn’t grow up with this totally irrational fear, we have just one question: how? Please tell us your secret so that we can raise the next generation to be happy normal people. Thanks!


For real though, can we talk about this?



For those who don’t remember what went down in history class, here’s a little refresher. The Bermuda Triangle is a region on the western part of the North Atlantic ocean where numerous aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. So…are we just supposed to move on and keep living our lives?