People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

Online shopping is arguably one of the best things to ever happen in the 21st century. While sometimes you get exactly what you ordered, other times it’s just a straight up fail. We’re pretty sure these people regret ordering online and probably will think twice before pressing that add-to-cart button again.


Pint-Sized Problem


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By the looks of it, this online shopper is just a little mad (pun intended). Seems like customer service is going to have some explaining to do. How did this get 5 stars?



Butt What Is It?


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That awkward moment when you buy a fur wolf tail and get a butt plug. The poor online shopper thought she ordered a wolf tail for her Halloween costume and ended up with something quite different.



Big Mistake


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We have no words. Secondary question: why is this person even touching the box with their bare hands? They need to immediately send back to the sender.





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This shopper tried to surprise her mom for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Somebody did not follow the delivery instructions or just ignored them completely.



Mask of Horror


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Well, this is pretty terrifying! We are going to take a not so wild guess and say this was not the relaxing spa night she was expecting.



Potato Sack


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We are going to presume this shopper had different expectations when she ordered this dress. Aka, not to look like a potato sack.