People Who Found Foxes In Random Places

Seeing animals in the wild is always a cool experience. Watching these majestic creatures in their natural habitats teaches us so much about the many different species on our planet. However, when these wild animals cross over into our world, it’s an entirely different experience. Here are some tweets by people who spotted foxes in the most random places, and the results are hilarious.


Growing Garden



Let’s be real. For those of us who weren’t blessed with a green thumb, it can be seriously hard to maintain a home garden. Most of our plants wind up dying, and even the ones that do grow aren’t always that impressive. However, if we came outside to find that a giant fox plant had bloomed overnight, we would be super happy.


One Last Bedtime Story?



Awww. It’s pretty crazy that someone found a fox in their house at 4 am. We don’t know exactly what we’d do if we were in this situation. However, it’s clear that this little guy is scared and shy, and judging by his hiding spot, probably just wants someone to read him a quick bedtime story.


When IKEA Is Life



We’ve honestly never related to anything more than this incredibly chill fox. First of all, who doesn’t love browsing furniture shops and plopping down on those comfy couches? It’s definitely something we all do. The fact that he was coaxed out with pancakes just confirms what we already knew – this fox is literally our spirit animal.