People Who Realize They’re Dating Idiots

Love is blind. Ain’t that the truth. But even if you’re living in la-la-land seeing everything through heart-eyes, you still can’t hide from the facts. And sometimes in life our partners have a moment of just plain of stupidity. Here is some moments that will have you laughing.


A Very Literal Interpretation



So this person seriously might not understand what freezer bags are actually used for. This just isn’t it. 


Baby Fever



This boyfriend really is new to this whole baby thing. He thought a thermometer was a pregnancy test. *Face palm*


Lonely Island



When you walk in on your partner who finds themselves stuck in a particularly sticky situation. But how did she get out?


Proposal Gone Wrong



This guy proposed to his girlfriend…and she dropped the ring down a gopher hole. Really, the chances of dropping it down a hole!? Did she say yes?