People Who Took Things Way Too Literally

Daily life can be a real struggle for some of us, even for something as simple as following some basic instructions. Many of have trouble reading between the lines and determining what should be taken literally, and what should be taken with a grain of salt.¬† Here are some epic and hilarious people who clearly didn’t get the right memo this morning…..


He was asked to peel half the potatoes…



Really man? When you were told to peel ‘half of the potatoes’ we meant to peel half of the BAG. Not leave half of the skin on. That’s really not helpful at all!


You asked for sponge cake….



Well, you may have asked for sponge cake, but clearly this is not the kind you had in sponge. Darn it. Stop taking things so literally people! No one wants to eat real sponges.



Coffee shops on writing your name….



Coffee shops really need to get over asking you how to spell your name already. Just remember who ordered what and call it day please.



A little too literal….



Really? You didn’t need to damage someone’s home to be so literal. We get the point without the car crash.



While learning geometry….



This adorable and witty school girl has clearly taken her homework a little too literally. Kids these days.