Pet Shaming

Something that almost all pet owners will agree on is that their pets are part of the family – they’re like their children. But just like children, pets can be naughty and get up to mischief as well. Pet owners from all over have been uploading pictures and making memes of their pets with a sign describing their ‘criminal’ activities, and the online craze has taken the world by a storm.

Pets get up to all sorts of things when we’re not around, like the pair of ferrets who managed to order a new Samsung phone from Amazon, and then turned off the internet immediately after. Imagine coming home to find your dog with a jar of glitter that exploded in her bed. The sign that this human put up was ‘the glitter looked dangerous, so I took it to my bed and killed it, you’re welcome!’ Another great example is when a couple had ordered a pizza, and left the room for a few minutes (pizza unguarded), and came back to find their dog had devoured the whole thing on his own.

Getty Images / Moment / Alaska Photography

They’re not always sneaky though, sometimes they will act this way right in front of their human’s eyes! Like the dog who jumped in a stranger’s car and stole a hamburger from someone’s hands, or another dog who also jumped in a stranger’s car just to say ‘hi’ to the kids. Some pets will even wait to be sneaky; one human left a note tied to their cat for their partner to read ‘I have been fed. My meows are lies.’

Their behavior can sometimes even become destructive, like the dog who ate her human’s passport when she found out she wasn’t going on holiday with them. One lil’ determined doggie created his own doggie door through the mosquito nets. And finally, there’s a picture of a cat next to some broken blinds with a sign that simply reads “I’m the reason we can’t have nice things”. This is just a handful of examples, so if you want to see more, we strongly recommend looking up some pictures for a laugh.