Photos Prove That Fate Exists

According to an ancient Chinese myth, love is a magical thing. The belief is that two people who are destined to be together, will meet no matter what. They are connected by a red thread. 


Preschool Sweethearts Found Each Other On A Dating Site 

Amy and Justin met online and began dating at 32 year old. They felt like they had known each other forever. And that’s because they did. Justin told Amy about his first crush who was also named Amy. He also mentioned that he went Sunshine Preschool, which led them to then realize that they were childhood sweethearts. 


They Were Born To Be Together 

Adam and Madeline’s moms are best friend, and were overjoyed to give birth at the same time. They separated cities but often talked to their kids about their friendship.  One day Madeline’s family came to visit Adam’s and from there on it was destiny. 


Found Her Fiance In An Old Photo 

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Verona was looking through some old family photos and decided to a funny one to her fiancee. He noticed a kid in the background that had the same shorts, shirt and raft that he once had. They looked a little closer and realized it was him that had photo-bombed her family photo. 


They Were Each Other’s First Friends 

Their families did everything together when they lived in Geneva. His family moved to America when he was 5 and they lost touch. After decades, their parents reconnected and Kathleen’s family visited the U.S.  They then started to start everyday, went through a 7 year long-distance relationship and are now happily married. 


They Walked Down The Aisle Together Twice 

At 5 years old, they had to walk the aisle together as a ring bearer and a flower girl. He acted as though he hated her, but she always had a crush on him. They met again in high school at a church event and quickly started down. They walked down the aisle again at they same church they did 17 years ago.