Pictures Of The Incredible Irwin Family

Steve Irwin was known as the “Crocodile Hunter”. He was an Australian zookeeper, conservationist and television personality. Steve was an incredible person who always advocated for animal rights and educated people on animals. The Irwin family has continued on Steve’s mission and has worked tirelessly to keep their fathers passion for animals alive. Everyone can learn from the Irwin family.


Meet The Irwin’s



Steve and his wife Terri have two children together, Bindi and Robert. From a young age the kids were exposed to their parents love of wildlife.


Driven By Passion



Steve Irwin’s life and legacy will me remebered forever. The late conservationist and zookeeper loved reptiles and wanted to educate people on these animals.


Wildlife Warriors



Bindi Irwin said that working with animals is “a part of who we are, it’s not just what we do.”


Carrying On His Legacy



It has been 12 years since Steve Irwin passed away. His family has returned to Animal Planet with their own show and are determined to continue carrying on their father’s important work.