Pictures That Prove We Are All Ready For Summer Ready

The winter is a seriously tough time for many of us that live in cold climates. It not only prevents us from carrying on with our daily lives and routines, but also causes us to suffer greatly as we struggle to stay warm through those freezing days. Here are a few people who are surely ready for the summer sunshine to come out already (and moments that they experienced).


Jack Frost



This poor guy over here looks like he’s turned in a real-life Jack Frost. Or as though he’s wearing some makeup. Either way, he’s ready for summer time.


Special Delivery



Looks like this driver over here is making a very special delivery this morning, despite the tough weather conditions, he’s about to drop off something that looks like a abnormally large marshmellow.


Winter Turned To FallĀ 



Seems as though fall came a little earlier for this guy this time around, but unfortunately not in the way that he had intended for. The struggle is so real.


Driving Decor



While there are of course worse things that having a beautiful piece of art drawn by the wheels of your car, it just goes to show the difficult reality of winter. We’ve had enough already.


Headed Nowhere



This guy may have tons of plans for today, but as it seems at the moment at least – he’s not going anywhere, any time soon. Sorry buddy!