Planning the Perfect Date

Dates are a wonderful way to spend quality time with your partner. They act as breaks in your normal routine where you set aside time solely for each other. In fact, it is also said that couples that go on regular dates together often tend to stay happier in each other’s company. However, planning a date can be a daunting ordeal due to the limitless options available to us and this is where we come in!

Sometimes it’s not too bad to return to the basics and go out on a simple dinner date. There are, however, ways to go about this that make it special. Does your partner have a favorite restaurant or type of cuisine that they really enjoy? Is there a particular restaurant or cafe that holds some sentimental value to them or the both of you? If some places pop up in your head in response to these questions, then that is where you should go!

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Thomas Barwick

If there is one thing dates allow you both to do, it is to slow down and take it easy with the person you love. Park dates are wonderful for this if planned right. You can simply walk and talk, do art together or have a small picnic – you are constrained only by your imagination! Parks are wonderful settings that also let you appreciate nature while you’re on the date, or even bring a beloved pet along for the ride!

Another way you can make your dates more interesting is to add a layer of vulnerability to them by taking your partner to places that are special for you. We all have that special place that holds some sentimental value for us, like our hometown for instance. Taking your significant other to these places not only makes for a fun day but also allows you two to grow closer together!