Popsicles To Beat The Summer Heat

The summer heat is wild. We have all struggled to find the perfect cool yet scrumptious snacks, so we bring you the perfect summer snack. And these snacks are popsicles – yeah you read it right! You just need to buy a cute popsicle mold and that’s it. All the ingredients are probably already lying in your kitchen.


Oreo Popsicle

stacked-up oreos on table

Getty Images / EyeEm / Lumpang Moonmuang

This is one of the yummiest yet easiest popsicles you will ever try. Just add in greek yogurt, heavy cream, some sugar, and crushed Oreos. Try crushing the Oreos properly to ensure that no big chunks are present. Whisk well. Then divide them into popsicle molds and freeze them for 8-9 hours or until frozen. Remove these and enjoy with chocolate sauce.


Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicle

Slice of strawberry cheesecake with graham cracker crust on plate

Getty Images / Moment / Arx0nt

This is a little tricky flavor, however, extremely aesthetically pleasing and a cult favorite. The strawberries give a taste of freshness to the popsicle while its sourness is balanced by the cream cheese. They are extremely simple to make, just whip up some cream and condensed milk. Add in your cream cheese and strawberry chunks. Freeze them overnight and enjoy the next day.


Citrus Blend

Citrus fruits in basket on rustic white wooden background

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This flavor of popsicles just reminds us of the good old childhood days when ice lolly was a thing. You can still have ice lollies but they are a little unhealthy as they are loaded with sugars. This citrus blend will be a very basic yet extremely refreshing touch of citrus foods. Just juice an orange and add in orange chunks. Pour this mixture into molds and freeze until it solidifies.


Nutella and Wafers Popsicle

Hazelnut chocolate spread in a jar on wooden board

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We all know how Nutella has owned the dessert industry. Nutella babka bread, Nutella biscuits, Nutella banana bread, and the list goes on. For the Nutella and wafer popsicle, just crush the wafers and, in another bowl, mix Nutella, cream, and milk. Serve them after they’re frozen.