Providing Baskets Of Hope

It’s always a joyous occasion when a baby is born and introduced into the world.  When a baby is born with Down syndrome, however, sometimes parents aren’t always given the kind of love and support that they deserve, unfortunately. For this very reason, Brittany Schiavone decided to do something about it and make sure that this isn’t the case.  She decided to launch her very own nonprofit organization to both make and deliver specially baskets of gifts to the parents of newborn babies with Down Syndrome. Her organization, which also provides information to these parents is known as Brittany’s Baskets of Hope. 

Brittany is trying to change the feeling that’s given to these parents and to give them the congratulations that they should be hearing when bringing a child into the world. Her goal is to provide them with hope, joy, and happiness for their new child. She was first inspired to start this incredible idea after watching a video about people helping out babies and their families while at work.  When she returned home that day, she told her parents that she was going to do just that.  It didn’t take her very long to turn her idea into reality – with an official nonprofit organization that provides baskets to parents all across America. 

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Each basket is filled with love, consisting of essential baby products as well as a book that provides these new parents with everything they need to know, and even adorable onesies.  Britney has already sent out more than 950 baskets in all 50 states and has surely inspired countless others to make a difference too! The lucky babies born in the Long Island vicinity also get a special visit from Britany herself! These baskets of hope also mean so much to these parents, and Britney loves interacting with the babies, giving them the hope that they really can do anything.