Psychologist Approved Stress Reducing Techniques

Psychologists know how hard it can be to deal with stress and are here to share their expertise in order to help you stay calm no matter what.

Write Down All Of Your Thoughts

Psychologists explain that writing down your thoughts, relationships, situations can provide structure to the mind.  It is a helpful creative process to remember our problems and address them.

Be Picky About Your Ingredients

Eating is always comforting when we feel down. Ensuring that you make a healthy dish or something new can help reduce stress. The process of picking out the ingredients, going through the store and knowing you’re doing something good for yourself can be very calming.

Tighten Your Muscles

Progressive muscle relaxation was developed in 1920. The idea is that after strong tension comes relaxation. Tighten your muscles for 10 seconds, and then pay close attention for 20 seconds to the feeling of relaxation.

Do What You Love

As stressed as you may be to get everything done, sometimes taking even just an hour to do something that you love can go a long way, whether it be cooking, working out, painting, even sleeping.  The purpose is to not work, and rid yourself of negative thoughts.