Rabbits Looking Adorable in Costumes

Rabbits are great pets: they are small, quiet, and do not require a lot of looking after. But just because they don’t need to go on walks, it doesn’t mean they don’t get lots of attention from their owners. After all, these little furry animals love to cuddle and look adorable wearing costumes.


Horned Rabbit


White dwarf rabbit with horned disguise

Getty Images / Moment / Fernando Trabanco Fotografía



If you were wondering whether rabbits really looked cute in costumes, here is the first evidence. They look absolutely adorable wearing hoodies with little horns on them. In fact, we would dare to say rabbits can pull off this look better than any other animal out there.


Royal Rabbit


Brown rabbit with a red crown above head

Getty Images / Moment / Fernando Trabanco Fotografía


If the rabbit wearing a horned hoodie did not convince you, here is more proof that rabbits look cute in costumes. This little pet looks very elegant and stylish wearing a little crown and colorful scarf. And we think it likes the outfit too. Just look at his adorable little smile.


Red-Carpet Ready


Two rabbits wearing bow ties

Getty Images / Moment / Fernando Trabanco Fotografía


If one rabbit wearing a bow tie wasn’t enough for you, here are two fluffy bunnies wearing the cutest fancy attire. These two rabbits look ready to walk down the red carpet and smile for the paparazzi. We would be lucky if we got these superstars’ autograph.


Vacation Ready


Rabbit wearing sunglasses and straw hat

Getty Images / Moment / Fernando Trabanco Fotografía


This rabbit is just tired of its long workdays and the same rabbit food every day. All it needs is to lay by the pool while sipping some orange juice. The sunglasses and straw hat are proof that all everyone needs (including bunnies) is some fun under the sun. So cute.