Recipes Under $10

Do you want to reduce your grocery bill? We’ve chosen dishes that use less expensive pantry goods but don’t stint on flavor. These delicious budget-friendly meals are filling, simple to prepare, and ideal for weekday family dinners – yet, in most cases, they will cost you less than $10 to prepare. This year, using a cash food budget can dramatically transform how you think about grocery shopping, meal planning, and meal preparation. Dinners for less than $10 are a necessity! Fortunately, we don’t have to rely on ramen noodles and canned beans because these family-friendly dishes are delicious.

The french onion frittatas are first on the menu. Frittatas are the budget cook’s best friend since they use leftovers well and rely on inexpensive ingredients like eggs. This one has a sophisticated air to it because of the caramelized onions and Gruyère, but it’s incredibly frugal if you have a loaf of bread that needs to be used up. If there is one thing to remember about a $10 lunch, you can frequently generate so much with so little—for example, the spicy vegan potato curry, which pairs well with a rice dish.

Maybe it’s a cold evening or day, and you’d want a warm, comforting soup. Tomato tortellini soup is quick and inexpensive, and everyone in the family will enjoy it. If you want to save even more money on this dinner, buy frozen ravioli instead of freshly packed ravioli. With rice, chicken, soy sauce, and an egg stir-fried together, you can prepare a bowl of cheaper fried rice in just 15 minutes. Every teenager, child, and adult has heard of and maybe eaten a sloppy joe. What we like about sloppy Joes as a cheap meal: They employ low-cost meat in tasty, filling sandwiches that the whole family enjoys! This lunch approaches our 10-dollar limit, but if you can locate buns or beef at a discount, you can save a few dollars.