Remembering the Importance of Family Traditions

Family is the very first thing that every child is exposed to. Your classmates, neighbors, co-workers, and even your closest friends come second. What you have with your family is something that you will forever cherish and hold dearly in your heart. At some point in your life, when you no longer live with your parents, some certain traditions and rituals remind you of them and some of the most wonderful and wholesome moments of your life. These traditions can live on for generations and sometimes they feel like the only right way to do something. When someone from outside your house sees your traditions, they realize how close your family is and see you in a special light.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / The Good Brigade

Traditions can be as simple as picking up the youngest child in your arms to place the Christmas star on the top of the tree or having a barbeque every other Friday, but the routine and the regularity of just knowing how something is supposed to happen at a particular time is what makes it beautiful. When you see something happening in your house with your parents, you pick it up and try to do the same with your children. Over time new traditions are brought into the family by every generation’s significant other.

Bigger more visible traditions, like maybe a trademark when you decorate your house for the holidays can sometimes become an identity for your family. Your neighbors recognize you and your traditions as one. Your friends know about it. That sense of identity gives your traditions a much deeper meaning. You start to consider those traditions to be something that makes your family whole. The holidays would simply not be the same without those traditions. Your family is tradition and traditions make your family.