Restaurant-Quality Fries at Home

French fries are a top favorite snack. They are the perfect snack that literally goes with every food. Get yourself a few fries and they will act as a perfect snack for all your foods. Many restaurants are known for their french fries as people from all over the world are literally obsessed with this food. This article will give you an overview of how you can make your own classic french fries, inspired by famous restaurants.

McDonald’s has been one of the most famous places to get fries from. Their fries are crispy, and salty and have the perfect crunch that helps them to complement every food. Not only this, many people love McDonald’s just because of their fries. Many people have tried searching for their recipe but a few have been successful in actually devising a recipe for this. You can always make good fries by starting off with a selection of potatoes. McDonald’s is extremely particular about the size and kind of potatoes that they obtain. Larger potatoes tend to be less starchy and moreover, they are known to cut into long fries which people usually prefer. After you’ve cut your fries, add them in a pan of hot boiling water. This is a crucial step as it will ensure the crispness of the fry. The boiling water will somewhat cook the fry so when you begin frying the fries, you will actually have completed half of the task.

Add these fries to cold water and keep them immersed. This immersion will help to keep the moisture locked and will ensure that your fries stay crispy and yummy. Add some cornstarch into another bowl and add in your water. Mix well and soak your half-cooked fries in this water. You can also sprinkle with cornflour to give that extra crispiness.