Sandwiches That Make Us Excited For Our Lunch Break

It honestly doesn’t take a lot to get us excited for some grub! From yummy salads to crunchy fried chicken, there are just so many options out there that it can seem almost impossible to choose. So for those who are in doubt over what to order for that crucial mid-day meal, here are some yummy looking sandwiches that will totally make lunchtime at the office way better.


Finger-Lickin’ Chicken


chicken sandwich

Getty Images/Jeff R Clow/Moment


Mmm. Mmm mmm mmm. Is there anything better than the sound of crunching into some freshly fried chicken? We don’t think so. Whether you make it yourself or pick one up from your local KFC, you really can’t go wrong with a fried chicken sandwich for lunch. You just can’t.


The Perfect PB&J



Getty Images/Ronnie Kaufman/DigitalVision


This one might seem a bit childish, but hear us out for a second! No, we’re not in the 5th grade anymore, but we might as well be because we still crave this sweet and sticky sandwich every once in a while. For an adult twist, ditch the white bread and opt for a healthier whole-grain variety.


Say it With a Bagel



Getty Images/Feng Zhao/Moment


There are some days when we just can’t decide on any of the pressing matters in our life, let alone what to eat for lunch. Well, when in doubt, we say just go for a bagel. Why? The better question is why not. It’s carby, delicious, and can be filled with rich, delicious cream cheese. Need we say more?