Selena Gomez Always Nails It

If you’ve ever seen one of Selena Gomez’s music videos, then you’ll surely know the importance she places on her nails. To be more specific, on the importance she places on the smallest of details of her manicure, including the fact that it must always match up with the theme of the music video.  If you haven’t yet quite gotten the memo, we’re referring to the nail art she had done for the release of Rare, her latest album. Because yes, her nails were indeed as rare and as unique as can be. And even beyond music videos, both on and off the red carpet, wherever she goes, she’s always sure to totally nail it (pun intended) with her manicures. 

Tom Bachik has been the girl she can count on for years already, and is the one responsible for all of the incredible nail inspiration that Selena Gomez has been gracing us with for as long as we can possibly remember.  Tom Bachik is also to thank for many of JLO’s best manicures, as well as Kim Kardashian, Margot Robbie and Hailee Steinfeld. Basically, based on her track record, it’s safe to say that Tom Bahik is one seriously successful, trusted, and talented artist, and we surely wouldn’t mind getting a manicure from her one of these days, although we’re not sure how our bank accounts would feel about them. 


And if you have a look at Selena Gomez’s track record when it comes to her nails, she’s literally tried it all, and you can always count on her for some nail inspiration when you’re in need of a new look, no matter what your mood or style may be. From more simple, clean one-color looks to nude, to more wild nail art with rhinestones and everything else you can imagine that shines bright.   Selena, we love you, your music, your style, and of course, your nails.