She Walked Off This Flight With Tons Of Tears & Cash

It started out like any normal flight, with polite chit-chat between people sitting next to each other.  Kimberly Bermudez told a stranger about her job at a low-income school, and how difficult and heartbreaking it is to see the struggles that her students and their parents face.

She explained that most of her students are immigrants, and that her parents do everything in their power just to make ends meet.  The man sitting next to her told her that his company likes to donate to schools such as hers, and that maybe they could arrange something.

If that already wasn’t heart-lifting enough, things then really took a turn.  Kimberly then felt a tap on shoulder. The man sitting behind her apologized for having listened in on their conversation and handed her a hefty stack of cash, telling her to ”do something amazing” with the gift.

Other passengers overheard the conversation too and everyone started to donate money for Kimberly to use towards her school children.  She walked off the plane with an impressive and inspiring $530 dollars of funding, which she plans to spend on books for her students.