Shop Owner Installs Glass Ceiling For His Cats

Cats are known not only for being cute and cuddly but for their very unique personalities. Our feline friends do many things that amaze us on a daily basis and one of those things is their curiosity about everything around them. When they find something that interests them, cats will stare at it and poke at it until they are satisfied, and then they will move on to the next object of interest. It might look bizarre to most people, but cat owners are used to their pets’ hilariously cute curiosity. One of the things they are most curious about is none other than us, their owners. If we are doing something that catches their eye, they will sit there in the same spot for as long as it takes. Cats have a unique ability to remain unmoving and with very wide eyes for a long time, and as cat owners know, it’s both adorable and funny to witness. Luckily, we can now all get a glimpse into this weird cat habit. Just recently, a Taiwanese shop owner installed a glass ceiling for his cats, who live above the shop, and now they won’t stop staring at him. His friend tweeted out the pictures, and it’s pretty easy to see why his post went viral.

The person who tweeted out these pictures was Taiwanese Twitter user @SCMcrocodile, a friend of the shop owner. Recently, the shop underwent an interesting renovation, when the owner replaced his regular ceiling tiles with glass ones. It turns out that he owns a small attic space above the shop, where his feline friends chill out all day while he works downstairs. Now, they are able to watch everything going on down below with the intense curiosity that cats are known to have – and that’s exactly what they do! Whether they’re lying down on the glass or actively scanning what’s happening down in the shop, these cats are clearly happy with the latest remodeling. And there’s an extra added bonus for the cats’ owner – he now has a permanent surveillance system that we don’t think anyone would want to mess with.