Shows That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

After a long, tiring day at work, comedy tv shows are the ideal way to unwind. Seeing familiar faces on screen brings a feeling of contentment that is surely unparalleled. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of shows guaranteed to make you laugh out loud in real life.

Modern Family
Told through the eyes of an unseen documentary filmmaker, this show centers on three blended families. It follows the lives of Jay, who is the dominating head of the family, his hothead wife Gloria, and his three children: Manny, Claire, and Mitchell. While the premise of the show is simple, the writing is masterfully intelligent while delivering emotional moments throughout its 11 seasons. Almost every episode brings forward a particular dilemma or family struggles to light, but in a heartfelt way that people of all ages can enjoy.

Getty Images / Disney General Entertainment Content/ Mitch Haaseth

A classic fan-favorite, Seinfeld revolves around Jerry’s antics in New York City. Watching them navigate everyday tribulations and complicated issues is bound to have one in stitches. The relatability element is a core reason for the show’s popularity, alongside bring certain social issues that have been brought to the forefront as well, such as racism, abortion, and gay rights. A must-watch!

The Good Place
Kristen Bell adorably plays Eleanor Shellstrop, a woman who has woken in the afterlife to an apparent version of heaven termed “the good place”. The catch – she has been sent there by mistake and attempts to hide her not-so-perfect actions. This show is extremely refreshing and wonderfully written, with a stellar cast of Jameela Jamil, Ted Danson, and D’Arcy Carden. The characters are bound to elicit observant chuckles and full-on belly laughs from anyone watching.

No comedy list is complete without the addition of the critically-acclaimed Friends. Following the daily lives of six friends residing in Manhattan, the show is perfect for enjoying light-hearted comedy. The instantly recognizable cast is charismatic in all different ways, but together the ensemble is a hit on the silver screen.