Signs Your Guy Truly Loves You

Sometimes what we see on TV and read in romantic novels makes us confused about what love should be. It gives us the wrong idea that love is all about lavish presents and over exaggerated gestures that include going to the moon and back to prove love. So in turn, when we don’t get such treatment from our guy, we become upset and foolishly think that he doesn’t really love us.  But this isn’t usually true, everyone shows their love in different ways.  Here are some signs that your guy truly loves you.

He listens more than he speaks

Most men will have no problem talking about themselves and all of their successes. However a loving man will happily listen to the love his life, show interest, ask questions and be empathic no matter what the topic of conversation may be.

He cares about the people you care about

A truly loving guy will make the effort to get to know your friends and family, simply because they are important to you and a significant part of your life. Even if he does not like them, he will never stop you from connecting with them.

He never excludes you

Women are very often, unfortunately excluded from conversations and debates. A loving man will never tell you leave him alone, he will treat his partner with respect and as his equal, and will always want to give her the chance to voice her opinion as well.

He’s proud of you

It can happen in many relationships that a man will not appreciate when a women accomplishes her goals and is successful. A truly loving partner will see his significant other as his team mate, and will always be happy to see her flourish. He will be excited to tell everyone about it.

He makes you number one

A man that really loves you will make his decisions with your best interests in mind at all times. He will want to be with you as much as possible and thinks about the future as both of yours together.