Simple Ways To Be The Happiest You

No matter what our life situation is, we are all always aiming to be our happiest possible.  Here are some simple daily practices that can change around your entire day and mood.

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Even just a few minutes of daily meditation can go a very long way in calming us down and helping us find inner peace. Sometimes it is very important to let go of all the external stressors, and just focus on our breathing.  For some people, meditating can be a challenge, but even closing your eyes and taking deep breathes can do the trick.


Hugs is where it’s at.  There is nothing more comforting than a nice big, tight hug and everyone should have at least a few hugs every day.  Hugs provide a sense of security and support, and can truly increase our happiness level.

Positive Thinking.

The power of thinking is real. Your attitude will shape your day, so wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and tell yourself, but also truly try to believe it, that today will be a great day.  No matter how challenging or stressful the day ahead of us may seem on the outside, there will be lots of new and exciting experiences and opportunities to learn,


Eating out at restaurants is of course always fun, but when we invest the time and effort in preparing our food at home, we appreciate it so much more.  Cooking at home and then eating it is enjoying the fruits of our labor, and studies have shown that ultimately it brings more happiness than a restaurant. It can also be highly meditative to cook.