Smoothies with Substance

Smoothies and liquid-based meals do not have to be add-ons to a lavish breakfast, gulped down within minutes. They can be cherished slowly and made into proper substantive and filling servings by making just a few changes in their texture and serving them in a bowl instead of the usual glass.

One way to add more volume to a smoothie bowl is by using Avocados. This is the perfect way to add a creamy consistency to your bowl without using a dairy product like yogurt in excess. Not only does it add value to the smoothie in terms of its consistency, but it also does so without overpowering the fruity taste. In addition to providing what smoothie bowl experts refer to as a “clean taste,” Avocado is perfect because most citrus fruits have a color dark enough to drown the leafy green color of the density increasing Avocado itself.

Another way to add heft to your smoothie bowl is by incorporating chia seeds. Chia seeds perfectly absorb the liquid around them, making the bowl less liquid-based and pulpier overall. If the consistency still feels too thin for your taste, blending in ice cubes can take care of it. Ice cubes also jazz up the delicacy by providing a crunchier and more refreshing taste.

Moreover, bananas are an excellent ingredient to add to the thickness of your smoothie bowl. The only drawback with using bananas is that, unlike avocados, they take away from the original taste of the smoothie and equip it with its own flavor. If adding several diverse flavors is not an issue, then peanut butter also works great miracles by adding a salty thickness to the otherwise berry goodness of a liquid-based smoothie.

Lastly, some crunch and heft can also be added by garnishing the smoothie bowl correctly. Using dried dates, walnuts, and almonds as toppings can also make the smoothie bowl a more satisfying serving capable of being consumed on its own for breakfast.