Snacks That Only Existed In The 90s

Question: why don’t these products exist today? Why? Why can’t we go to the food store and pick up a box of Toy Story Cheez-It and Kellogg’s Honey Smacks? These are the important questions we have for the food industry. Anyway, take a look back at all of your favorite snacks!


Kid Cuisine



Wow, this was honestly the best-frozen meal out there. If your mom packed you a Kid Cuisine for lunch you were cool.





This was the best after school snack ever. Period. End of the story. We miss all the flavors, too.


Fruit Roll-Ups



Yes, Fruit Roll-Ups! The fruit snack actually debuted in 1983 and can be found in some stores to this day, it just isn’t common anymore.


Kraft Mac & Cheese



There was nothing better than a Kraft dinner. You simply empty out the noodles and packet of powder cheese and voila!