Snacks to Make on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are a perfect way to spend your extra time in the kitchen and cook a delicious meal for your family. You could do that by cooking some amazing snacks and having them with a cup of coffee while unwinding from a long day. This article will give you the perfect ideas for quick and healthy snacks.

Bread rolls are a quick and easy snack to enjoy on a rainy day. Grab your old and stale bread and roll it with a rolling pin. The flatter the bread, the crispier the snack. You can make your own preferred filling but a good option may be boiling your chicken and shredding it. After you’ve done that add in salt and pepper and mayonnaise. After you’ve done that add in your spices. You could add sriracha sauce for an extra kick of spices. After you’ve added the sauce, mix well and spread it on the bread slices. Roll them tightly. Beat an egg and dip these rolls. Fry them until golden brown. Serve with ketchup or any sauce available at your place.

Another very quick recipe that you can use is to prepare something sweet. You could always bake something. However, a quicker way to enjoy a dessert is to again use bread and turn it into yummy Nutella rolls. Who doesn’t even like Nutella? Roll out the bread slices thinly. Spread Nutella on top and roll tightly. Ensure that you roll it tight enough that it doesn’t leak. After that, heat a pan and add in the rolls. You could even brush these off with some egg wash, however, if you prefer eggless versions just heat them on a low flame. The next step is to dip these in cinnamon sugar which can be made by mixing caster sugar with some cinnamon. This will give an extra classic kick to your Nutella rolls.