Some Indian Foods To Spice Up Your Week

There are some nights when we’re just totally over our usual dinners. Leftover lasagna and tuna casserole are just not gonna cut it, and neither is a pizza delivery from Dominos. Luckily, nights like these are the opportunity to try new and interesting cuisines. One way to spice up our weekly meal planning is by incorporating some flavorful and delicious Indian dishes into our routine. Because honestly, is there anything more mouthwatering than chicken tikka masala?


Getty Images/Rafa Elias/Moment

Biryani is kind of like stir-fried rice but taken to the next level. Especially popular among the Muslim population of India, this dish is made almost like mixing a curry, before combining it with partially-cooked rice. Biryani incorporates Indian spices, eggs, and vegetables, and can also feature any kind of meat, which is usually goat, beef, or lamb.