Some Tasty October Food Holidays

f we had to pick the two things we love most in life, they would most definitely be food and holidays. So, why not make up an excuse to enjoy them both at the same time? Luckily it, turns out we already have one – actually, several. Here are some October national food holidays that will keep our tables colorful, festive, and most importantly, delicious.


October 3: National Taco Day



Getty Images/Alexander Spatari/Moment


Forget about Taco Tuesday, because we’re all about Tacos pretty much every day of the week. Whether we choose to order from our local Mexican takeout place, or get fancy and make them ourselves, there really is no wrong way to enjoy tacos. So grab your favorite toppings, a lime, and some salsa, and enjoy every bite.


October 10: National Angel Food Cake Day



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All cakes are delicious. But that doesn’t mean all cakes were created equal. And if we had to choose our favorite, angel food cake would definitely be among the top contenders. This simple, unpretentious pound cake is exactly what we want on a chilly autumn afternoon. Top with some cream and fresh berries, get that coffee brewing, and you’re all set.


October 25: National Greasy Foods Day


diner food

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As if any of us needed a reason to enjoy greasy food. But here it is! A national holiday devoted to our favorite pastime. There are just so many ways to commemorate this day, that we don’t even know where to begin. Whether you go for a hearty breakfast at your local diner or opt for a classic McDonald’s happy meal, you’re doing it right. Did we already mention we love holidays?