Stop and Appreciate Yourself Daily

Let’s face it, life can be so chaotic that sometimes you don’t have time to stop and simply take a breath. Now living a packed and busy life isn’t a problem. In fact, there are many people who thrive under pressure and stress. However, it is an issue if you aren’t taking at least five minutes to look in the mirror or even sit down and appreciate yourself. It is very easy to go around telling everyone how much you appreciate them for everything they do for. So why can’t you do it for yourself? Yes, it seems a bit odd to talk to yourself, but have you recognized everything you have done?

Getty Images / Moment / Catherine Falls Commercial

Just because you do what is expected of you and you probably do things in order to make your life better, it doesn’t mean that you can appreciate yourself. It may not seem like it but getting out of bed in the morning is an achievement. Deciding to eat is an achievement, even going into the office is an achievement. You may not see it now because these are merely everyday tasks. However, what you fail to see is that you are putting time and energy into it. You are the one who is making sure that these things get done and sometimes these things have an impact on other people. So you put even more effort into it.

For example, whenever you go to eat at a restaurant, you thank your waiter for seating you, bringing your food, and bringing you your bill. Now you know that these are simply things that fall within the waiter’s job description. However, you still thank them because you appreciate what they are doing. So why can’t you give yourself the same treatment? You really can’t spend all your life thanking everyone for everything you do and leave yourself out of the equation. Remember you are the most important person in your life so take that five minutes to simply thank yourself for everything you do.