Sweet Treats From Around The World

There are so many different cultures around the world, each with their own traditions, cuisines, and qualities. But one thing that brings all of humanity together, no matter where we’re from, is our love of sweet things. Every nation has its national dessert, whether it’s Turkish delights or All-American apple pie. Here are a few sugary treats that people enjoy around the world.

China: Dragon Beard Candy

Getty Images/South China Morning Post

This white stringy treat is not merely a traditional Chinese dessert, but also a national handmade art. Dragon beard candy is made up mostly of sugar and maltose syrup, and usually includes peanuts, sesame seeds, and coconut. Somewhat resembling a white cocoon, this candy is incredibly popular in China, even if it is lesser-known around the world. It’s definitely one of the more sugary desserts on the list and is perfect for anyone with a serious sweet tooth.