Taking Care of Your Shoes

If you are a sneakerhead, then it might pain you to see the crease on the vamp of your sneakers. You would want to take extra care to prevent this from happening. In the same way, all shoes need some care. Be it sneakers, formal shoes, loafers, sutras, or anything else, Shoes are an essential part of your outfit. They are the things that do not add a lot of particular value to your outfit, but a bad choice of shoes will definitely be noticed and reflect badly on you. But how do you make sure your shoes are perfect and well-maintained? A few tips can help you keep your shoes in mint condition and have them last a lot longer.

The most basic tip would be to keep something inside of your shoes when you are not using them. It can be anything from foiled-up paper to even a pair of socks. This way your shoes stay in shape. Also, make sure you open your laces and gently slide your feet into your shoes. Wearing shoes in a hurry and just sliding them on can damage the heel counter and the tongue of the shoe.

Clean your shoes regularly. Baby wipes or soft tissues are a good alternative to shoe-cleaning liquids and help maintain the whiteness of your shoes. Delaying cleaning them can turn their white into a yellow-brown color and they will never return to their original white. In order to stay well groomed, polishing your shoes is very important. Using shoe shiners, oils, and other chemicals to bring off the best shine from your shoes is a very common practice. However, overusing chemicals can damage the leather of your shoes and form creases. So, try to avoid polishing your shoes rigorously every day. If simply wiping them with a cloth makes them presentable, then that should be enough. Following these tips should help you keep your shoes in perfect condition and maintain your impression as a well-groomed professional.