Tasting the Flavors of Lebanon

Multiple cuisines have gained immense popularity as more and more people join the “foodie” subculture. Recently, Lebanese cuisine has been very popular amongst food lovers. If you love food, you’ve likely heard about hummus. If you’re a fan of the creamy chickpea dip, Lebanese cuisine has more flavors you’ll enjoy. This article will give you an overview of this cuisine and will motivate you to try your first bite, or order it again.

Hummus is a good blend of protein for all protein lovers. The cuisine is highly known to be a good option for healthy snacks. Hummus can be made by blending chickpeas to form a very smooth paste. You may add tahini, salt, and pepper to elevate the taste of the hummus. This can be served with pita bread that gives a unique flavor and taste to it. Moreover, hummus can also be added to salads with olive oil. This is a very rich yet healthy alternative to salad dressings. Another very healthy snack option is the fattoush salad which is known to be extremely crunchy and filling without guilting you to consume any extra calories. This is a fresh salad that includes some good dressings, healthy chips, and vegetables.

Furthermore, another very yummy yet easy breakfast option is the manakish be leham. This is a form of breakfast that contains all the nutrients in the right proportion. The bread is made with extreme delicacy and then baked with a savory meat topping mixed with sesame seeds, thyme, and olive oil. You may also try the kafta, which is somewhat like a kebab meatball with a mix of spices. The astonishing thing about this is that it is baked and then grilled to ensure that no juices are lost in the process. Moreover, this is made up of lamb which is extremely juicy.