Teacher Gets Fired & Seriously Supported By Her Colleagues

According to sources, approximately 70% of employers check the profiles of potential employees prior to hiring them.  Although this Russian teacher was not searching for a job, social media still presented some troubles for her when it came to her career.  She had no idea that so many of her colleagues would stand up for her and give her some much support.
The teacher Victoria Popova works as a history teacher at a school in Omsk, Russia. On the side, she also models as is well known as the teacher in a swimsuit.  One of the magazines published her photos, which caused a great deal of resentment from the school she teaches at, with parents of the students asking to have her fired for her inappropriate dress, and the school authorities responded quickly to the requests.
Victoria was fired from teaching, although she explains that her photos are not intended to promote anything inappropriate, and were not even supposed to have gone public.  Thankfully, she was not alone in thinking that this response was undeserved, and thousands of teachers throughout Russia posted swimsuit photos on their social media accounts, using the hashtag #TeachersAreHumansToo.
Despite the cold weather in Russia, teachers still took part in the flash mob, and even male teachers took part.  The protest was successful and Victoria was given her job back.