The 17 Year Old Set To Visit Mars

While some of us only dream of space travel, Alyssa Carson, a 17 year old girl from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is making it her reality.  She’s training to be an astronaut and her dream is to be the very first human to make it to Mars on a mission in 2033.

With everything she’s been doing, there’s no doubt she will do it.  Alyssa is the first person to have completed the NASA Passport Program by going to all of the 14 NASA Visitor Centers, and she’s also the youngest person to graduate the Advanced Possum Academy, making her officially certified to go to space.

Her biggest challenge is getting everything done at such a young age while also being a high school student.  She is also aware of the fact that she can’t get married and start a family, but she’s willing to put it aside to make her dream come true.

Carson is also a public speaker, aiming to draw interest to space exploration and encourage others to follow their dreams too.