The Amazing Kalaloch Tree

Located at Olympic National Park in Washington, the Kalaloch Tree is quite a mystery. Also known as the Tree of Life and the Runaway Tree, it has dozens of its roots exposed due to soil erosion yet somehow remains upright and keeps sprouting new leaves every year. Perched between two slopes, the massive Sitka spruce holds on by only a few roots while the rest hang below the tree, but regardless of its unusual situation, it still manages to gain enough nutrients to survive.

Even the park’s Kalaloch Lodge has no explanation for the logic-defying tree, “It isn’t natural for a tree to be alive and well with its roots exposed and holding onto nothing but air. This tree goes against all the rules of science and biology. It shouldn’t be standing. It shouldn’t be alive. And yet, it is!” The tree sits almost in midair above the aptly named Tree Root Cave, which was formed by years of continuous water erosion. The water slowly removed the base from where the tree sat, and inside the cave, a flowing stream keeps any sediment from rebuilding below its roots.

Every year, visitors travel to Forks, Washington, to see this visual marvel in person. The Tree of Life is located at Olympic National Park’s Kalaloch Lodge, where visitors can stay overnight to explore all of the park’s attractions. Kalaloch also offers a beautiful coast, gorgeous hikes, fabulous sunsets, and even guided historical tours.