The Best Breakfast Recipes

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This means that not only we should have a nice balanced meal, but we should also take the appropriate time to enjoy our breakfast. Whether you prefer a simple bowl of milk and cereal or a fancy three-course meal, here are some suggestions you might want to include in your morning routine.


Avocado Toast


Two slices of avocado toast

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If time is something you don’t have in the morning, you can still have a quick and tasty breakfast. Simply mash an avocado with a fork until it becomes chunky, then season it with your favorite spices. For the toasts, the trick is rubbing the bread with garlic before spreading the avocado on them.


Mini Frittatas


Mini frittatas on a plate

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Mini frittatas are a perfectly tasty and nutritious option for a breakfast meal. The recipes vary according to your favorite vegetables, but here is a tip: for a faster meal, prepare your mini frittatas using a multi cooker. This will save some precious time in your morning routine.


Scrambled Eggs With Herbs


Scrambled eggs in a pan

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If your favorite breakfast meal is a good old plate of scrambled eggs, here’s a way to elevate it. In a bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, chives, parsley and tarragon. Season with salt, pepper and any other spice you might like. Then simply pour the mix onto a pan. Ta-da, your fancy scrambled eggs are ready in no time.




A stack of freshly prepared pancakes with berries,melting butter and a drizzle of golden syrup.

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When we think of breakfast, we think of pancakes. Whether you prefer the store-bought version for practicality or homemade ones for a tastier flavor, pancakes are always a great option to start the day with a little bit of extra happiness. Add some maple or chocolate syrup and you’re good to go!