The Best Canadian Candies

Canada’s enormous, this wide nation is arguably best known to Americans as “up north” or “the land of maple syrup.” Both statements are accurate, but you might be shocked that most of our favorite treats don’t even remotely include maple syrup. It should be no surprise that Canadians adore chocolate but prefer a richer, smoother kind than Americans. One of Nestle Canada’s most distinctive chocolate bars is called Big Turk. A traditional Turkish pleasure chocolate bar covered in delectable milk chocolate is on our list. This enigmatic chocolate bar has a love-hate connection with many Canadians.

Getty Images / Moment Open / Kim King

Milk chocolate with a smooth, golden caramel center that is rich and creamy! Since 1968, there has been a Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate Bar available. This vintage chocolate bar has made people imagine their lips getting sticky with caramel. It has always been luxurious and delightfully enigmatic. Only Canadians know this delectable delicacy housed in a charming small yellow box with a retro vibe. The Cherry Blossom is an old-fashioned treat with a juicy maraschino cherry encased in milk chocolate, toasted peanuts, and coconut. In Canada, Coffee Crisp Bars have been a staple since the 1930s. Coffee Crisp is a wonderful milk chocolate-covered crispy thick wafer with a filling that has a cream coffee flavor. It is the ultimate snack.

The most popular sweet available in movie theaters in Canada! Glosette Raisins, indeed! Sweet raisins are plump, juicy, and coated in a thick layer of shiny milk chocolate. Without a packet of these, a cinema outing is just not complete! The Glosette brand also sells chocolate-covered peanuts and almonds in addition to raisins! Are the red ones consumed last? You will understand what I’m referring to if you are Canadian. They used to be sold to kids and had the alphabet written on them; they were meant to be utilized as study aids! We all wish we had learned our ABCs with Smarties, don’t we? Even as an adult, I cannot escape these vividly colored, candy-coated chunks of milk chocolate.