The Best Christmas Gift Ever

We all have that one Christmas where all our dreams came true (relatively speaking, of course). For me, it was the year 1996. I walked out of my bedroom on December 25th and saw all the presents under the tree. One in particular caught my eye, mostly because of it’s enormous bow, and the fact that it was much bigger than the rest of the presents. It had my name, and my name only, so I knew it wasn’t something that my older brother and I were *supposed* to share.

I still remember tearing off the beautiful wrapping paper, the whole time praying so hard that my dream present was inside. I can replay the moment in my head, and I swear time slowed down for just a couple seconds. When I saw my beautiful new Barbie Dream House (complete with Barbie Jeep and a few new Barbie friends), my face lit up! It was the best present I had ever gotten in my short eight years of life.

Fast forward to December 25, 2017: “I GOT A BANANA!” shouted this little cutie after opening up his gift from Santa. Nothing could be cuter than watching this little tyke open the Christmas present of his dreams: a perfectly ripe, yellow banana.

If his enthusiasm and his love of healthy foods is any sign of the future, I’d say this little guy is definitely going places!

Happy Kid Gets Banana For Xmas

This little lad was ecstatic after receiving a banana for Christmas! ??

Posted by LADbible on Thursday, December 28, 2017