The Best Cooking Fails

We are pretty sure that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who just naturally know how to cook and those who just can’t get the hang of it. Sometimes, you give it our best shot. You follow the recipe (but definitely missed something) and give it your all. Here’s the result…sometimes just missing the mark.


So Weird



That smile! Those teeth! Oh my! Seriously, we think we’d have to pass on this cake and we never say no to cake!


Tortured Souls



Yeah, this is just creepy. This bread came out just all wrong. So so wrong. *Shivers*





So close to being adorable, Instagram-worthy bread duck face things (is that what this is supposed to be?). Yet, not quite…


Alien Monster Thing



Okay, this has to be the scariest thing we have ever seen come out of the kitchen. You see the alien creature, don’t you?!