The Best Flowers to Plant This Spring

Spring is officially here and we can’t wait to start seeing flowers blooming everywhere. After many cold months, we will soon be able to see colors returning to the trees and brightening up our days. If you want to experience the beauty of spring in your own home, these are the best flowers to plant this season.




Close-up of Hellebore flowers

Getty Images / Moment / Katrin Ray Shumakov


Also known as Lenten roses, these flowers are as delicate as they are resilient. Hellebores do really well even in warmer climates, where they even tolerate light frosts. The best place to plant this flower is in the shade, but make sure the soil is moist and well-drained.




Close-up of bright yellow daffodils

Getty Images / Moment / nicolette wells


Also called narcissus, daffodils are known everywhere for being great spring flowers. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors, but they are all equally bright and cheerful. To make sure you plant them in the best possible conditions, follow these tips: they need as much sunlight as they can get and also well-drained soil.




A close-up of Bluebell flowers with an abstract background

Getty Images / Moment / Tim Grist Photography


Bluebells are another great spring flower option. They self-seed, which means they can spread and pop up in between other perennial plants often. These flowers are less picky when it comes to sunlight, they will grow well under full sun coverage and partial coverage, as long as they are planted in moist, well-drained soil.