Enhance Your Food Feed

By Samantha B. - January 22, 2018

Whether you’re looking to spice up your feed with exciting new flavors, or add a twist to your morning breakfast routine, these accounts have something for everyone. Browse through our picks for the best Instagram foodie accounts and follow your favorites today!


1. @emcdowell – The Fearless Baker


There’s more than one way to lattice, ya’ll. From left to right: top row: traditional woven lattice, tightly woven lattice (easier!), unwoven lattice (easiest! Just lay strips both directions!). Middle row: skinny lattice, braided stripes, random lattice (all different size strips!). Bottom row: diagonal lattice, FATTICE (easy and my always fave), and smart ice (easy – just lay slightly overlapping strips like window blinds!). ?s by @jenmayphoto – full, detailed how-tos can be found inside #thefearlessbaker (link in profile). Keep sending me your pie questions! Leave them in the comments or shoot me a DM – words can’t describe how much I love all this pie talk and helping folks #bakefearlessly ❤️??

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2. @tojo827 – Behind-the-Scenes of Martha Stewart Living


lemon ? cream tart w. strawberries ?

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3. @feedtheswimmers – Fresh From The Markets


Taking the time for a nice breakfast always gets the day off to a wonderful start and with the stress of this week, it’s a must! I added some pumpkin to almond flour waffles, cut up some of the most delicious fuyu persimmons I’ve tasted (get yourself some while it’s peak season!), almonds, walnuts (possibly the most healthful fat) and topped it all with some dark maple syrup. And, I did share. . . . #waffles #persimmon #f52grams #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #thenewhealthy #eater #Foods4thought, #huffposttaste, #eattheworld, #BAreaders, #healthycuisines #lifeandthyme, #imsomartha #rslove #thekitchn #buzzfeast #feedtheswimmers #thechalkboardeats @food #myallrecipes #mywilliamsonoma #goopmake #howiholiday #bombesquad #foodrevolution #iamwellandgood #todaybreakfast #thecookfeed #youonthechew #emdailypic #glutenfree

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