The Best Recipes to Celebrate National Caramel Day

If caramel is your favorite sweet, you probably already know that April 5th is National Caramel Day. This simple yet delicious confection adds the most delicate sweet flavor to all types of desserts, making it extremely versatile. In fact, caramel is so tasty it can even be added to otherwise salty foods. Here are a couple of recipes to help you transform a boring snack into a delicious experience.


Caramel Popcorn


Caramel popcorn in a bowl on a wooden table

Getty Images / EyeEm / Mohd Hafiez Mohd Razali


This is such a simple, yet tasty treat. First, you will need to prepare your popcorn. Pop it and place it on a large baking tray. Then, make the caramel by melting butter over medium heat and slowly incorporating sugar into it. Once the caramel starts to boil, keep stirring for another two minutes. Remove from the heat and pour it over the popcorn, making sure it covers as much as possible. Let it cool for a few minutes, then enjoy your delicious snack.


Soft Caramels


Black squared plate with pieces of caramel fudge

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Sometimes, all we want is some simple chewy caramel candy. To make soft caramels you will need to melt butter and heavy cream together. Then, using a different pot, combine sugar, corn syrup and water, and stir over low heat until it starts to form a thick grainy paste. Once this happens, let it boil without stirring until the syrup darkens and smells like caramel. At this point, you want to remove the sugar syrup from the heat and mix the cream and butter into it. Let the mixture boil again until it reaches a reddish-brown color. Whisk in some vanilla into the caramel and pour it into a mold. Now, comes the hardest part: let the caramels set for at least two hours before eating them.