The Best Syrups for Pancakes

Although there are countless different pancake recipes, we rarely hear about the second half of this powerful pair, the crucial Pancake Syrup. After all, I believe the role of syrup in any type or flavor of pancake is comparable to ketchup in the preparation of french fries. So, in this article, we’ll evaluate the various pancake syrup brands and varieties to assist you in selecting the one that’s best for you. Many people, as you can see, prefer maple syrup as a topping for their pancakes, but it is not always accessible, and when it is, it is typically rather expensive.

Hungry Jack is at the top of the list; it has a darker syrup with a buttery taste and a light sweetness. They represent one of the companies that have undoubtedly tried to imitate the taste of maple syrup. And for this reason, I believe they are the finest syrup because they taste the most like real maple syrup. The children’s favorite pancake syrup was Aunt Jemima, a well-known brand that has been produced since 1889 and has a sweet, vanilla, sugary flavor. Even though it tries to mimic the taste of genuine maple, the flavor is still a little too sweet and isn’t as balanced as it could be. Another popular brand of pancake syrup that has been operating since 1887 and provides various products, including a sugar-free version, is Log Cabin.

Karo Pancake Syrup is a thick, caramel-colored syrup with an artificial maple flavor created with corn syrup as a foundation. It is extremely rich, goes well with waffles, ice cream, and pancakes, and even forms the foundation of pecan pie. The ingredients in Lakanto Syrup are vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free with a zero glycemic index, low carb, and keto. Although Lakanto tastes good, it doesn’t taste like real maple. The flavor has the impression of containing maple extract.