The Best Ways To Barbecue

Until you’re Ron Swanson, master barbecuer, your grill game might probably use some work. Science, thankfully, is here to assist. Among all the myths that prevent animals from reaching their full potential, opposition to thermometers should be the easiest to overcome. There is a popular idea that you can tell whether meat is entirely cooked by merely grasping it between your fingers and feeling it out; this is incorrect, and most people overcook their meat. People should instead invest in a dependable contemporary thermometer and use it religiously. Thermometers are essential for chicken grilling since too low is dangerous and too high is terrible.

The second error takes more foresight to correct, but it makes a tremendous difference. Barbecue enthusiasts should brine their steak overnight or, if it’s a larger piece, for a full day before cooking it for the most refined flavor. In recent years, chefs have been sprinkling salt on the meat shortly before grilling it, but this does little to improve the taste of the cut. Because it takes about a day for salt to diffuse half an inch into a piece of meat, salting it shortly before cooking doesn’t give the salt time to absorb into the middle of the steak or chicken breast. Instead, try the dry brining method, which requires quarter teaspoons of salt per pound of meat – and a tremendous amount of time.

Like most of this advice, this favored cooking method goes against the rules of what barbecue is all about. Cook your meat on a grill or in an oily pan. The beef is evenly browned over, rather than the cool and appealing black streaks that many barbecuers strive to achieve. It is necessary to heat the steak in a 130-degree bath before placing it on the chimney of your grill for a brief sear. This final step is “like blowtorching it,” and only two minutes on both sides will give the already-cooked meat a lovely all-over crisp. While it may not be modern, it is beautiful to display to your guests. Finally, the “ideal” barbeque or grilling technique will determine what works best for you and your tastebuds.